Its originality, charm and quality make Côté Table indispensable for an artistic table.
The large range of tableware collections, including embossed, classical patterned, decorated, patinated, all in splendid material and easy to match colours.
Côté Table collections enhance your table with colour and design for celebrations or casual dinning.


In the garden or at the sea, the new season is filled up with natural inspirations at Côté Table.

First lunches in the sunlight emphasise the green colors and pastel yellows. Exotic nature invites you to a tropical escape through its ‘lush vegetation’ and ‘African bestiary’ collections.

Near the shore, Côté Table plays with beige colors and natural materials for a ‘break’ barefoot in the sand. Finally, corals and fishes in pink and bluish tonalities, all match to create an ‘underwater paradise’ atmosphere.