Côté table’s furniture creates an ambiance of decor and style complimentory to its surroundings.
Providing strength and diversity of wood and textile Côté Table offers a large collection of furniture, landing elegant and contemporary style.
The Company have created the label ‘ Création Exclusive / Côté Table ’ to highlight all designs developed by our inhouse creative team.


Once again, the new « Autumn/Winter » Cote Table collections celebrate the French « Art de vivre ». In the kitchen , the natural and soft hues soberly combine with black tones : Definitly a more modern influence. The living room is tinged with plum shades, and embellished with floral motifs, rooting the atmosphere in « a country so chic » style! If you are more into exotic themes, animals adorned with gold, and hints of velvet will bring touches of elegance into your interior. It’s unmistakably a more masculine take in the office, where leather and wood dominate. Finally, gildings and little festive characters take a sit for Christmas.