Côté table’s furniture creates an ambiance of decor and style complimentory to its surroundings.
Providing strength and diversity of wood and textile Côté Table offers a large collection of furniture, landing elegant and contemporary style.
The Company have created the label ‘ Création Exclusive / Côté Table ’ to highlight all designs developed by our inhouse creative team.


Absolute French « Art de vivre » reference, Côté Table keeps bringing inspired styles and timeless elegance to home decoration, while keeping a subtle balance between tradition and modernity.

Their clever combination of noble materials and soft color tonalities come in refined collections that sublimate the « A La Française » style: tableware, decorative objects, textiles, lighting, furniture ...

In cities, in the countryside or by the seaside, the sweet & chic  « Côté Table » aesthetics will definitely make you feel at Home.

Côté Table